If you need a place to work or safely meet a client, we can help. We currently have private office space available to rent and meeting rooms open for booking.


Please note the following:

1. All tours and meetings must be booked in advance by either phone or email. We will be offering and encouraging virtual tours via video call. 

2. Before booking an in-person tour or meeting room, we will be screening all interested parties to ensure they are in good health.

3. When you enter, you will be provided with hand-sanitizer.

4. Face coverings are mandatory in our space as per the orders of our local Public Health Unit.


Get in Touch: 613-417-0445 OR



-Hand sanitizer has been placed throughout the space for all to use. You must sanitize your hands at reception when you enter/exit the space and follow proper hand-washing procedures where posted.

-Sanitizer spray & paper towels can be found at all major touch-points. Members and guests must follow the posted sanitizing instructions when using any common spaces (printer station, washrooms, etc.)

-Directional arrows can be found in our main hallway. Please ensure you follow them and maintain physical distancing (2m) at all times while in our space.

-Our team will also be performing frequent cleaning and sanitization of the space throughout the day.

-Face coverings must be worn by all members, staff and visitors while in our space 


We thank you all for your support and understanding – we hope to continue expanding our offerings and help all those who are needing a safe & productive work environment!

Covid-19 Space Updates