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Host Your Next Event at Sanctuary Coworking

Host up to 80 guests on our one-of-a-kind mezzanine, which boasts unique design features, like large stained glass windows. Our bright and beautiful event space is located right in the heart of downtown Kingston.

We look forward to helping you plan a memorable event in our space!


Our versatile space is perfect for all kinds of events such as seminars, workshops, networking socials, cocktail parties, exercise classes, receptions, and bridal or baby showers.

Layouts can be easily customized to suit your event!

1. Standard – 22-30 guests

2. Workshop – 30 guests

3. Seated Meal – 36 guests

4. Theatre-Style – 48 guests

5. Cocktail– 50 guests

 + lower mezzanine – 80 guests

See our Event Space Layout Options for more information.


Provided by The Grocery Basket. GB offers a variety of food & beverage options for your event!


Please contact us for a quote!


Check out our events calendar to see what we have planned!

  • Where is Sanctuary Coworking located?
    Sanctuary Coworking is located at 221 Queen Street in Kingston, Ontario. The main entrance can be found on Clergy Street.
  • What is Sanctuary Coworking?
    Sanctuary Coworking is a shared workspace living within the walls of a converted church. Equipped with semi-private and private offices, as well as meeting rooms and common areas, the space is a live hub for professionals and members of the community.
  • What type of events can be hosted in the event space?
    The event space at Sanctuary Coworking is a medium sized venue, holding up to 80 guests depending on the style and set up. It is the perfect space for a variety of private or public events, such as seminars, workshops, networking socials, conferences, cocktail parties, exercise classes, receptions, and bridal or baby showers.
  • How can the event space be setup?
    Our space is very versatile! This means that there are many different options for set up. Recommended setup options include: 1. Standard Layout – 22-30 guests 2. Workshop (w/ tables) – 30 guests 3. Seated Meal – 36 guests 4. Theatre-Style – 48 guests 5. Cocktail– 50 guests 5b. Cocktail (w/ lower mezzanine) – 80 guests See our Event Space Layout Options for more information.
  • What is the difference between the upper and lower mezzanine?
    Sanctuary Coworking has two built in mezzanines. The upper mezzanine is the main event space and can hold up to 50 guests. To accommodate more attendees, the connected lower mezzanine can be rented for an additional cost. The lower mezzanine is a great option for catering and bar set up, as it allows for guests to flow throughout the space.
  • How do I book my next event at Sanctuary Coworking?
    To inquire about booking the event space, simply email A member of our SC team will reach out to set up a consultation (phone consultations also work if you are not able to visit the space). Here we will learn about the details of your event and tentatively reserve a date in our calendar.
  • How do I reserve my date?
    Sanctuary Coworking will hold a date for 5 days before the deposit is received. After this time, a 50% deposit is required to reserve.
  • Is onsite parking provided?
    There is no provided parking at Sanctuary Coworking. There are, however, several municipal lots within walking distance and lots of street parking nearby. Check out this handy Parking Map for more information.
  • Can I come early to decorate for my event?
    Early access to the space can be provided if pre-arranged by the host. This time will be factored into booking and will be charged accordingly.
  • When can I have deliveries dropped off?
    If the event takes place during the week (Monday-Friday), deliveries (i.e. flowers, catering) can be dropped off during operating hours (8am-5pm). If the event takes place on the weekend (Saturday-Sunday), deliveries can be dropped off during the host’s booking/set-up hours.
  • How is the space accessed?
    Sanctuary Coworking is accessed by stairs leading to the main entrance, the mezzanine (event space) and washrooms. Our space does not have an elevator.
  • Can I host my event past 12am?
    Yes, however there will be an additional staffing fee for any events that go past 12am. Otherwise, events must end by 11pm to allow for tear down and clean-up.
  • How much does it cost to rent the event space?
    "Prices vary based on event type, date and time. Please contact for a quote.
  • What is included in the base price?
    Setup/teardown, furniture (white tables, chairs, couches), WIFI, speaker system (volume controlled by mobile app).
  • What is the minimum booking of the event space?
    The minimum booking is a half day (4 hours)*. This includes any time required for the host to outfit/decorate the space. *Photoshoots are an exception to this rule as they are charged by the hour with a 1 hour minimum.
  • Can I use the space for a photoshoot?
    Yes, Sanctuary Coworking has many areas that function as beautiful backdrops for lifestyle, wedding or portrait photoshoots. To book your preferred date, contact
  • Do you have a projector? Does it have audio capabilities?
    The event space is equipped with a built-in projector and a large screen. An HDMI cable and audio jack with av cord are available. If your laptop requires a special adaptor to connect to an HDMI cable, we recommend that you bring this with you to your event.
  • Does the space have a sound system?
    The event space is equipped with a mounted speaker system. Hosts can: -Connect a device (ex. phone) directly to the system via audio jack -Select an existing playlist through our Spotify account -Create their own Spotify playlist ahead of time to be played at the event
  • Can I hire a live musician?
    Yes, if you would like to hire a live musician, individual(s) may arrive during setup to arrange any equipment or props. Live music must end by 11pm to meet noise bylaw requirements.
  • Do you have a microphone and podium?
    At this time Sanctuary does not have a microphone or podium. These items can be rented from local businesses like Kingston SoundWorks.
  • Do you offer catering?
    Our catering partner is The Grocery Basket. They have been selected for their food quality, customer service standards and contribution to Sanctuary Coworking’s community and values. Visit for more information on menus or reach out to for a quote.
  • Can I use and outside caterer?
    Yes, with venue approval, an alternative caterer can be used. In this case, the caterer must have insurance and will be subject to a 12% landmark fee.
  • What is a landmark fee?
    A landmark fee, or commission fee, is a percentage of the total caterer or supplier invoice that is paid to the venue for operating within said venue. This is generally charged to the client on the caterer or vendor invoice, which gets forwarded to the venue.
  • Can I serve alcohol at my event?
    Yes, there are 2 ways to accommodate this. 1. Through our catering partner: When you book with our catering partner, The Grocery Basket, they can sell/serve alcohol at your event with no additional action required by the host. 2. Arranged by the event host: Alcohol can be served in our venue under a Special Occasions Permit (SOP). If you plan to serve alcohol at your event, you must obtain an SOP online from the Alcohol & Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO). Visit to access the application form. Please note that permit applications for public events must be submitted to an LCBO SOP service store at least 30 days before the event takes place. If you are using an outside caterer who has a catering endorsement, they may also be permitted to sell/serve alcoholic beverages. In this case, the caterers must provide the venue with a copy of the catering endorsement 10 days prior to the event. In all cases, the permit must be posted at the event.
  • Can my friends or volunteers staff the bar?
    Authorization to use friends or volunteers to staff the bar is addressed on a case-by-case basis. Inquire with your event consultant or at Please note that bartenders must be SmartServe certified and are not allowed to drink alcohol during the event. We will also require a copy of their SmartServe certificate prior to the event.

At Sanctuary Coworking, we are continuously working to improve our space and our offerings. Revenue generated through our event space is crucial in allowing us to do so. We appreciate you considering us for your event and look forward to welcoming you into our space!


“We recently hosted a large bridal shower on the mezzanine. Liv & Rachel were very organized and accommodating. The physical space is bright, beautiful, and clean and appealed to people of all ages in attendance. New materials are showcased in conjunction with the church’s 19th century limestone for a fresh and modern ‘Kingston’ vibe. I would highly recommend SC as a shower venue!”

Myra MacDonald - Bridal Shower - April 2019

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