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We are local real estate agents who work with both buyers and sellers of residential real estate, waterfront properties, investment properties and commercial real estate. Working at the Sanctuary started at the same time we changed companies. The Sanctuary is providing us with more flexibility in our profession. We love the downtown location & the cool, flexible atmosphere, and the fact that we are working with different professionals. We are planning to extend our team in the future and the Sanctuary is not only a beautiful place, it also accommodates growing business teams.

Larry Eastman & Sigi Scholten

EXP realty, Brokerage

I was looking for a new office space when I had to leave my current one. I drove by the sign and came back for a tour. I love the space and found out my non-profit agency would be saving 40% from our current rate. We have also saved money on internet, printing and receptionist costs! I like the vibe of the place. I may be the oldest member, but I learn a lot from the younger people at Sanctuary Coworking. I really feel welcomed by the staff every time I arrive and leave. They are so helpful. I feel included in all the SC activities (even though I may not do the yoga!).

Doug Noyes

Executive Director

Literacy Link Eastern Ontario (LLEO)

After working from a home office for the past 10 years, I needed a change – to separate my home and business life. The sanctuary offered everything that we needed – professional atmosphere, office size and pricing options, central location for travelling to/from our customers' offices, boardrooms for meeting with potential and existing customers, good internet speed, networking opportunities, & great coffee and muffins! Moving in was one of the best business decisions we have made. We are looking forward to growing our business at the Sanctuary!

Marie de Villers, CPB

eGO Bookkeeping Inc.

For years we worked out of kitchen tables and coffee shops, like many startups, but last summer, we had a big growth spike and realized that it was time to have a formal office to meet the needs of our growing team. We love the fact that the Sanctuary satisfies our current space requirements with flexibility and options for more space as we grow. Plus, it’s such a gorgeous building that we are always very proud to invite our out-of-town guests for meetings. A lot more professional than our kitchen table!

Françoise Mathieu, M.Ed., CCC., RP

Specialist in High-Stress Workplaces

Co-Executive Director, TEND

I love being here in this space. This place adds to my quality of life and that matters to me. I get so much done. I can get focused and hold my meetings with colleagues in Toronto and across Ontario. My most productive time is here at the SC. Plus, I get to work out at the Queen St. Cross Fit downstairs.

I love meeting the people here. Kingston has so much talent to offer. There are people here who are working for positive change in the world and that gets me going.

Jo Reynolds

Director of Social Enterprise,

National at Centre for Social Innovation

The space is absolutely beautiful but it’s the people. We have such a vibrant group of individuals who work here!

Pamela Mundell, CFP CLU CHS


Pam Mundell Financial Planning Services

I am owner of a strategy, design + marketing agency that works with non-profits, social enterprises and people who want to do good in the world. After a bit of an identity crisis last Christmas, I shifted the focus of my business to be more inline with my values. It was a terrifying decision -- almost like starting from scratch. Joining SC was the next step in my long term goals. I wanted to have a dedicated office where I could network and my business could grow. Colleague, friend, and former client @janinesteynwellness introduced me to SC. We both decided to take the plunge together and join. My productivity has increased dramatically and the level of professionalism I now convey has catapulted my success. And I've been seriously helped along by the amazing staff who work here. I am honestly not exaggerating when I say this has been one of the best decisions for my new(ish) business.

Amy Pierrson

Owner Tilt Collective

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